Labeling plastic bottles is no longer difficult with the TECK-F80, this machine can paste any packaging or box or any product that needs to be pasted from one side as it provides high speed because it glues stylishly. Technical specifications: Speed, weight and dimensions can vary from machine to machine. These are just basic measurements and adjustments can be made to the customer's need. Each machine is equipped with an identification card fixed to the machine in a clear manner and includes the technical information of the machine. Operation of this machine requires a pneumatic system.

Speed 90 p/min
Weight 95 kg
Electrical Feed 220V / 50-60 Hz
Consumption 1.5 kw

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Elite can and has shipped to many countries around the globe

Shipping costs may vary depending on the recipient country

Customers can sign a periodical maintenance contract after guarantee expires

Two years for maintenance and spare parts

Abroud maintenance requires only a host county visa 

Spare parts and maintenance can be provided to all machines regardless of warranty 

RAV-150 produces up to 150 pp/m

A depositor is preferred but not required

RAV-150 can accommodate all sorts of wrapping materials 

All our machines require 220 volts

A labeling machine can be attached to RAV-150 making the production process automatic and handsfree 

Paper positioning can be calibrated from the control interface 

RAV-150 is designed to suit manufacturing facilities of all sizes ; height 170 cm
length 150 cm
width 150 cm

Most of the machine’s chassis is food-grade 304 stainless steel 

Stainless steel adds a trophic safety factor to your facility
Also furthering the machine’s service life
while remaining easier to clean

RAV-150 can be expected to properly function for up to 25 years providing it’s adeptly maintained and kept clean

The machines require weekly cleaning minimum

The machine can produce up to 150pp\m

The rav-c100 was specially designed to accommodate nongeometric shapes 

The rav-mini was specially designed to accommodate medium-sized facility

Rav-150 has an internal automatic pump that delivers lubricant to all moving parts within the machine through sprinkling system

You can use any gearbox oil grade 50

Each oil change can last 5 years; no hydraulic oil is needed to run the machine

all the steps of changing the mould are explained clearly on the control interface and requires no experience

approximately 6 minutes ;no tools or equipment needed

user interface supports both English and Arabic; other languages can be added per request

elite company is "iso-90023.3.4.5" certified

all our manufactured machines are "CE" certified and compliant to European manufacturing standards

a supply point is now available is UAE- dubai

the machine can only be purchased through one of our supply points

the machine is supplied with 3 moulds of your choosing

up to 12 moulds can be added


each mould requires a one week manufacturing period

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