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Elite for Industry and Trading General Trading Co

We are a Syrian company on Egyptian soil specialized in the field of chocolate packaging machines. Elite company has specialized in the local and Arab individuals since its inception in the field of chocolate packaging machines, which are characterized by permanent development, efficiency and high production speed, which meets all market requirements in terms of the multiplicity of shapes, sizes and excellence in the packaging of chocolate kernels that suit all establishments and chocolate factories. As such, it is the only elite manufacturer of chocolate packaging machines in the Middle East. Elite Company is a fast growing company that started its business as a company to develop chocolate production lines as it has experience in understanding the requirements of the chocolate industry. We have committed ourselves at Elite Company to continuously improve and manufacture machines that serve the industrial process in the Middle East and provide the best performance standards so as to ensure customer confidence in our machines. The company was established in its modern form in the 6th of October Industrial City, to complement its path that started in the past, which lasted for more than 50 years of design and development in the field of chocolate packaging machines. Our machines were not only located in Egypt, but also reached the Arab world and some European countries through customer confidence in professional manufacturing. The company's first goal is to satisfy investors in an optimal way and achieve their demand for advanced machines and production lines with high production capabilities and high efficiency. The company is characterized by after sales service through experienced and highly qualified technicians and guarantees the highest quality, guarantee and provision of spare parts and maintenance with a team working throughout the week.


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